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Point Cloud to BIM Services|Scan to Revit Model|MEP Data Registration Processing|Reverse Engineering|Heritage Renovation

Our Company is the best in Point Cloud to BIM Services | Point Cloud Registration Services | Scan to Revit Model|Data Processing |Reverse Engineering | Heritage building Renovation, Refurbishment Restoration, MEP Services, Construction Operations Building Information Exchange or COBie Services,companies in Delhi NCR, India. 

We provide the Point Cloud Data Registration and Processing services  that create to BIM  Revit Mode. BIM Ravit Model use for As Built Design, refurbishment, renovation, restoration  of old heritage Buildings and monuments  to preserved the our culture.

We are leader in reverse engineering  of  existing structures to make BIM(Building Information Modeling).We use the latest technology of laser and Lidar scanning  that generate the 3D point cloud data. This 3D Point cloud data contain all the information of structure which processed and convert into BIM by using Revit software.Our  provide the BIM solution for heritage sites to accurate measure the dimension, 3D geometries,and other information.

  • Point Cloud to BIM solution.

  • LIdar Data Outsourcing Services.

  • Scan to Revit Model.

  • Reverse Engineering Solution.

  • Renovation,Refurbishment,Restoration Heritage Monuments.

  • Modeling and Simulations.

  • 3D visualization Services.

  • Point Cloud Registration Services.

Point Cloud to BIM Revit Model Various Application 

BIM for MEP| Resolved Clashes | 3D Laser Scanning to Point Cloud

Outsourcing Point Cloud to BIM Services Scan to Revit Modeling, Data Processing,Reverse,Engineering,Heritage, Renovation,Refurbishment,solution, Delhi India.Building Information Modeling (BIM) helps MEP firms improve accuracy, reduce and resolve clashes, and optimize building systems design. MEP BIM  helps project teams to improve collaboration, data share, and speedly project delivery from architects design to construction.

  • BIM is an intelligent way for Modeling.

  • 3D BIM MEP model  process that helps  professionals to design.

  • This provide detail information of building systems to work more efficiently.

  • BIM process provide project teams more insight details of projects to designs, construct ability, and  reducing risk also improving outcomes.

BIM for Architects| Building Information Modeling|Delhi

We provide the best services for Architects use information that extract from the scanning to Point Cloud and Ravit Model. Our Building Information Modeling technology is very supporting for architects throughout the design process and to create the innovative way. That why we meet our clients’ requirements and deliver projects with improved quality and efficiency.

  • Architects use Building Information.

  • (BIM) Modeling throughout the design.

  • Process to help improve quality and accelerate design processes.

  • Integrated workflows for concept design, modeling.

  • Multi discipline coordination, and construction documentation.

Structural BIM | Fabrication | Design Model | Point cloud Data Registration Services

We are leader in providing the best quality of Point cloud to BIM Ravit Model|Laser Scan data|Lidar|Delhi India for  Structural BIM services in PAN India. specialized in delivering Structural BIM services.

We ensure the quality or Structural :

  • BIM work Bridge between  design and fabrication stage.

  • We assure, and ensure to deliver high-quality and effective efficient, structural BIM.

  • For existing old structural design, calculation,  analysis data.

  • Prepare  first set of the construction design document so that after reviewing the details can further work and take into consideration.


Domain Technology

  • GIS & Remote Sensing

  • 3D Laser Scanning

  • UAV Aerial Drone Survey

  • GPS & DGPS Technology

  • LIDAR Technology

  • Total Station

  • Digital Level 

  • GIS Analysis Tools


  • Construction & Infra 

  • Architecture & Design

  • Agriculture Sector

  • Telecom Network

  • Transmission Line  

  • Mineral and Resource

  • Mine and Energy sector

  • Road  Construction

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