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Underground survey by Ground penetration radar (GPR) for recording the alignment and space occupied by Pipelines in the MuW corridor of Darlipali STPP.

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The Detailed the scope of work shall include but not be limited to the following.
2.1 Carrying out underground facility survey by Ground penetration Radar (GPR) and preparation of pipes/foundation outline, underground facilities and report preparation of the entire corridor indicated for assessing the existing underground facilities.
2.2 Providing instruments, tools & plants, materials, labours, qualified surveyors, transport, supervision by competent engineers/geophysicist, surveyors and all other incidental items as may be necessary for successful completion of the surveying, mapping and construction works etc.
2,3 The survey should include mapping of underground facilities viz, RCC foundations/metallic & non-metallic pipelines within the MuW Corridor. Furnishing underground facilities survey drawings, report including results and conclusions as given below:
2.3.1 Preparation of digitized alignment of 50m wide corridor with khasra map (hard copy of corridor marked on khasra map will be provided by NTPC) in Auto Cad format.
2.3.2 Superimposition of output of GPR survey results on the digitized corridor khasra map drawings prepared above clearly identifying with different color. GPS/Local Co-ordinates to be marked on the drawing.
2.3.3 Depth of Foundation/Pipeline from ground level is to be mentioned in the report.
Furnishing all field data and drawings in soft copies (Auto Cad & PDF Formats).

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