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Ahmedabad Gujarat | Lidar Airborne Aerial Mobile Lidar Surveying Companies in  India| 3D Map | Point Cloud data

Ahmedabad  Gujarat Lidar Airborne Aerial Mobile Lidar Surveying Companies in India| Technology | 3D Map | Point Cloud data.  Technology | Airborne Lidar | Mobile Lidar| 3D Map | Point Cloud data. Lidar is the (Light Detection and Ranging) is a method of remote sensing that used to examine the surface of the Earth. In Lidar technology a laser pointing at a target surface on the ground or under the water.

The surface reflects the light back to the LIDAR equipment, and the sensor records the reflected light to measure the distance travelled. Which generate precise, three-dimensional information about the shape of the Earth and its surface characteristics.

Lidar survey companies in Bengaluru. Lidar Survey Technology capture high resolution three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries.

Lidar technology is fast, reliable, accurate, efficient way to capture millions of data points. Which is use in comprehensive 3D models or detailed reconstructions. Lidar survey and 3D laser scanners are a versatile, accurate solution that allows companies to obtain data they previously couldn’t. This data helping them to make more informed decisions while saving valuable time and money [1].

Lidar survey companies in Ahmedabad Gujarat. India| Technology | 3D Map | Point Cloud data. Lidar survey is costly over photogrammetry survey but this can be use in both day and night. While photogrammetry can only be used in day light. This can be happened due to the invisible laser/radio wave produced by Lidar and laser respectively. We provide our focus-oriented services in Gujarat, Bengaluru, Kolkata Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Udaipur and Dehradun.

Ahmedabad Airborne LIDAR Survey | Mobile Lidar Surveying | Laser Scanning| and PAN India

Lidar survey companies in Ahmedabad. Aerial Lidar Survey Technology | Airborne Lidar | Mobile Lidar | 3D Map | Point Cloud data | Company | Services | Ahmedabad. We deal with Airborne and Mobile Lidar Survey technology in both technology Lidar camera is mounted on the UAV drone and Mobile Vehicle. This provides the Point Cloud data to generate 3D image, Ortho Photo, LIDAR MAP, DTM, DEM and DSM for the object. Which further use for urban planning, terrain analysis and forest management. Chennai Lidar Airborne Aerial Mobile Lidar Surveying Companies in Ahmedabad India| Technology | 3D Map | Point Cloud data.

  • Large area for Crop Estimation.

  • Underground Mine 3D Modelling.

  • Large Dump Cut/Fill Quantity Estimation.

  • Mines Ore/Waste Estimation,

  • Plant Materiel Estimation,

  • Cyclone Mitigation Plan.

3D Model | Point Cloud Data | Ahmedabad India

Ahmedabad Aerial Lidar Survey Companies Bengaluru Karnataka India. Airborne | Mobile Lidar generate 3D modelling with ortho photo. This will further process to make Revit Model for Heritage Building our plant for modelling present our services in Ahmedabad, India, making 3D Modelling for power Plant, Open pit mine and urban planning. lidar survey companies in Bengaluru.

  • Plant Modelling& Drawing.

  • Mine Modelling & Demarcation,

  • Plan Layout of Power Plant.

  • Solar Plant Inspection.

  • Heritage Monuments Preservation.

  • As Built Design for Reverse Engineering.

Ortho Photo | Image with Point Cloud Data

An orthophoto, or Orth mosaic is a large image of an area which can be used to measure actual distances between any
two given points on the image. A normal photograph by Lidar Drone Survey | 3D Lidar Mapping | 3D Laser Scanning as taken from above is not uniform in terms of scale (It means that the ratio of the distance between two points on a photo to the actual distance between the same two points on the
ground is not equal). However, an Orth mosaic is such that the scale of the image to the actual ground is uniform, thus representing the Earth’s actual surface.


A digital elevation model (DEM) is a representation of a terrain’s surface only in terms of its height. DEMs are the superset of digital surface models (DSM) and digital terrain models (DTM).Aerial Lidar Drone Survey | 3D Lidar Mapping | 3D Laser Scanning can be used to produced DTM for. lidar survey companies in Ahmedabad.

  • Plant modelling & Drawing.

  • Mine modelling & Demarcation.

  • Plan Layout of Power Plant.

  • Solar Plant Inspection.


Digital surface model is a digital representation of the Earth’s surface (in terms of height). In other words, DSM provides the height of all the points on Earth as seen from above such as buildings, trees etc. It can be obtained directly from any standard Lidar Drone Survey | 3D Lidar Mapping | 3D Laser Scanning software. Lidar based Aerial Mapping produced the data for Digital Surface Model.


It is similar to a digital surface model except it represents only the bare surface of the earth without including any height information about the structures above ground such as buildings, trees. It is a bare earth model. A DTM can be obtained from further processing of a DSM, which was generate by Lidar Drone Survey | 3D Lidar Mapping | 3D Laser Scanning data, and is used to generate contour of the given area.


Point Cloud is the set of data points in 3D space which is generated by matching different images perspective of an
object. Point cloud has broad application including inspection , to create a 3D model and much more. We present the our Ahmedabad Lidar Drone Survey | 3D Lidar Mapping | 3D Laser Scanning services for generating the point cloud data for various Industrial applications. 

3D MESH| Wire Mesh |TIN

Ahmedabad Lidar Drone Survey | 3D Lidar Mapping | 3D Laser Scanning generate 3D Mesh, which is the most accurate representation of the real-world in every form. Unlike point cloud, which is a discrete set of points, 3D Mesh is continuous similar to the real-world. It also gives us the freedom of measuring in 3-dimension (3D), and hence enabling us to find out height difference between two points, volume estimation of a specified region, elevation profile of a
section etc.


Contouring in surveying is the determination of elevation of various points on the ground and fixing these points of same horizontal positions in the contour map. We are betrothed in presenting our Lidar Drone Survey | 3D Lidar Mapping | 3D Laser Scanning based contour  in different type of area Determine the capacity of a reservoir, Mine Plan, Catchment area and hence quantity of water flow, The routes of the railway and Finding out depth of cutting and filling with latest Drone Areal Survey.


We are betrothed in presenting Volumetric Survey. The Customers can receive any type of earth work quantities Estimation by our Lidar Drone Survey | 3D Lidar Mapping | 3D Laser Scanning Bases Survey. lidar survey companies in Delhi.

  • Stock Heap of Coal. Cut/Fill.

  • Quantity Estimation.

  • Mines Ore/Waste.

  • Estimation Plan Material Estimation.


Domain Technology

  • GIS & Remote Sensing

  • 3D Laser Scanning

  • UAV Aerial Drone Survey

  • GPS & DGPS Technology

  • LIDAR Technology

  • Total Station

  • Digital Level 


  • Construction & Infra 

  • Architecture & Design

  • Agriculture Sector

  • Telecom Network

  • Transmission Line  

  • Mineral and Resource

  • Mine and Energy sector

  • Road  Construction

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